Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.02

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.02

Take inspiration from KittyCtb5's factory. Making full use of a compact clean build style that makes use of both trains and drones for items logistics. Grab the save file link here!

TotalXclipse 2781 2021-05-24

Fan Factory Showcase Season 3 Ep. 02 (KittyCtb5)


Welcome back to our second episode in the series! There are some great moments dotted throughout this save. Check out the clean styles and use of drones as inpiration for your own build! Explore the save with the below links.

You can find the Video Spotlight here:
Fan Factory Friday Season 3 Episode 2.

You can download the save file here:
Kitty Ctb5's Save

KittyCtb4's Nodes

I restarted after update 3.5 in the rocky desert. I slowly progressed through the tiers and just unlocked tiers 7 & 8 just as update 4 came out. I designed most of my factories with there own storage area for the parts they produced. I later retrofitted them with drones bringing everything back to my central storage under the electronics factory. There is a train network in my world that will completely break when collision is added. The aluminium factory is still work in progress and my next project will be a nuclear power plant.

*disclaimer: Though I upload the saves sent to me, after I've already checked the save, downloading and using these save files are done at your own risk.

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