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How to Setup Modular Power Generators for Refined Power

Category: Mods & Tools


Refined Power Mod gives us a huge amount of stuff to play around with, here I breakdown how to generate power using the modular system.

JPzoneTV 174 2021-02-22

Satisfactorytips Community Event #02

Category: Community & Events

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We want to bring the Satisfactory community together through regular monthly events. After a couple of months, we're back with our second Event!

BraindG 196 2021-02-07

Community Screenshot Competition(3)

Category: Community & Events

After having to postpone the January Event, The second event is now coming up! Want to participate in our next screenshot competition and stand a chance to win some steam vouchers? Well here's how!

BraindG 789 2021-01-29

This is a new website dedicated to the Satisfactory game and its community.

We intend to update the site with new guides and factory layouts throughout the life of the game. (Which I hope will be for years to come!) If you wish, you can also feature your own guides and layouts on our website here.

We’re pleased to say that this is the first version of the website and we’re already working on our second update to allow easier self-publishing of articles, as well as creating a specific area for factory save files to be shared - such as those that you see featured in our weekly Fan Factory Friday videos.

Want to know what’s coming soon? Check out what we’re planning on unlocking for our fellow engineers here.

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