Fan Factory Showcase

What Happens When You Give Random Players a Dedicated Server Patreon Server

Epic Steam EA

Following on from the factory tour, you can find our Patreon server save here, available to download.

TotalXclipse 1417 2022-10-31

My Update 5 Let's Play Save

Epic Steam EA EX

Here you can find my update 5 lets play save to download, note that I have used the satisfactory calculator site to edit and remove some parts of the factory which were null and void

TotalXclipse 2448 2022-09-20

Satisfactory Trains World Network Start

Epic Steam EA EX  Beginner

Here you can find the save file to my update 6 world train network start!

TotalXclipse 4210 2022-09-20

Coal Power Start Save

Epic Steam EA EX  Beginner

Here you'll find the save that starts you off with just 8 coal power plants running to kickstart your save.

TotalXclipse 2385 2022-09-20

Xero's Spectacular Update 6 World Tour


Find the save file for Xero's Spectacular Update 6 World Tour here.

TotalXclipse 1992 2022-08-22

Fluxo's Incredible Sci-fi City World Tour


Here you'll find links to Fluxo's world tour videos and the save files they've kindly shared with us.

TotalXclipse 2729 2022-07-30

The Eden Project

Find the save file for Stin Archi's recent Factory Tour. This save has all of the areas covered in the recent videos.

TotalXclipse 7340 2022-06-03

Perfect Starter Factory (pt.3) Early Steel


Here's part 3 of the perfect starter factory. Today we're covering early steel and coal. You can also get the save link below!

TotalXclipse 15817 2022-01-15

Perfect Tier 1 & 2 Starter Factory Download (Pt.2)

We've extended the small factory, providing you with everything you need to get to tier 3 & 4 and you can find the save here. You can find the video here:

TotalXclipse 9241 2021-12-15

Perfect Tier 1 & 2 Starter Factory Download

Here you can download our starter factory from our video guide.

TotalXclipse 15056 2021-12-10

Beautiful Design, Smart Factory Tour | Satisfactory Game

Check out Samueras' beautifully designed smart factory.

TotalXclipse 5152 2021-11-28

Inspirational Rail Design | Fan Factory Tour S3


Roliba has returned with another incredible save for update 4 and if you're looking for some rail design inspiration for Update 5, this is one to check out!

TotalXclipse 4538 2021-11-12

Gorgeous Satellite Factories | Fan Factory Tour S3 Ep.12


Today we're checking out Khaos' factory which features a sprawling rail network connecting a dozen satellite factories.

TotalXclipse 3316 2021-11-03

I've Never Seen A Factory Like This | Satisfactory Factory Tour S3 Ep.11

A factory build that is speechless in so many ways.

TotalXclipse 7253 2021-10-06

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.10

Welcome back to the tenth episode of Fan Factory Friday. Today we're checking out Perforated Soldier's Factory featuring an awesome Baseball stadium.

TotalXclipse 1483 2021-09-17

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.09

Today we're returning to Deniability's factory, this time we're checking out his city biome!

TotalXclipse 2181 2021-08-13

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.08

Following on with Season 3 of Fan Factory Friday we have Solon's Technicity which is densely littered with incredible detail.

TotalXclipse 2448 2021-08-09

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.07

Today we're checking out Deniability's 5x5 challenge another stunning build well worth checking out, grab the save here.

TotalXclipse 1750 2021-07-16

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.06

Today we check out Sariaz's epic shell build factory. Check out the showcase or the build itself here.

TotalXclipse 1687 2021-07-16

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.05

Today we're checking out an awesome 5x5 hardcore challenge masterpiece by Respawn_Repeat. Check out the game save and the video here

TotalXclipse 2445 2021-06-11

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.04

If you thought the last factory save was insane you should see the double helix tower and the rails that accompany it in this one.

TotalXclipse 1663 2021-06-04

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.03

Here we have another awesome build this time by Sir Musli. See his notes, checkout the Fan Factory Showcase and should you wish, download the save to checkout yourself here.

TotalXclipse 3308 2021-05-28

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.02

Take inspiration from KittyCtb5's factory. Making full use of a compact clean build style that makes use of both trains and drones for items logistics. Grab the save file link here!

TotalXclipse 2201 2021-05-24

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.01


The great thing about Satisfactory is everybody's factories are different! Today we're checking out State Machine's save where they focus on architecture and there are some moments that truly wow!

TotalXclipse 3752 2021-05-16