Satisfactory Tips Road Map

Welcome to Satisfactory Tips website roadmap, here you will see our planned updates as the website develops. Though some features may change as the website matures, these are the features that we are currently working towards.

Please note that as this is a project developed by volunteers, we cannot give you a time frame for these features.


If you wish to submit your own satisfactory guides and layouts to the website, you can do so currently through contacting us directly, however we intend to streamline the service so that anyone can submit a guide or layout with the simple click of a button. (Pending a short review)

Map Save Share

Highly demanded feature, with our weekly Fan Factory Friday base tours, we will offer the saves out to you, so that you can do a grand tour of the factories yourself.
See how other people develop their factories, whether it’s the logistics or how the factories are decorated, there’s plenty to learn from everyone.

Dedicated Servers

Following the future release of dedicated servers, we fully intend to have our own selection of servers running absolutely free for anyone in the community to join.

The Pioneers

More information coming soon.

Got another great suggestion that you’d like us to consider on here? Contact us