Useful Websites for Satisfactory

Useful Websites for Satisfactory

Even though you don’t need to plan things out in Satisfactory, it can be a great source of fun for the Game to do so. But to do so you need Information. There are multiple Websites out there to help you with the planning or give you the information you need.

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Taken into account In the moment are:
If you know of any other sites that have any advantages about the ones here listed already contact me please. I would be happy to add them.
All of them have different advantages, so here is what you can find where.


satisfactory-calculator buildings

satisfactorytools buildings:


satisfactory-calculator Items

satisfactorytools Items:


satisfactory-calculator Vehicles:



satisfactorytools Planning page and satisfactory-calculator Both give you a tool to plan and calculate your production. Both site do a great job in generating a flowchart to visualize your production lines.

Satisfactorytools give you the number of Buildings needed to craft each recipe rounded to 2 decimal places, which makes it very easy to get an overview of the build process.

Satisfactory Calculator shows you each building separately and even shows you where you need to place mergers or splitters. So basically give you an exact blueprint to build along, and gives you some additional information, like the power needed for the whole build, and the resources needed to build all machines. Both sites allow you to select which alternative recipes to use. I do mostly prefer ST but all depend on your personal preferences and probably what you need it for.


Satisfactory-calcutators Interactive map 
has an awesome interactive map which allows you to see the positions of resource nodes, crash site, power slugs and other collectibles . You can also upload a save file from your pc to see all you building, track what artifacts and hdd you have already collected, and even delete and build directly on the map out of the game. With some very useful modes, to easily create foundation circles, curves and more. You really should try this one out.

I hope you find this guide useful. And keep the eyes open for more guides coming soon on

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