Total's Definitive Guide To Satisfactory Sites and Tools

Total's Definitive Guide To Satisfactory Sites and Tools

Should you need it, the Satisfactory community has a great wealth of information available, and if you're not sure where to go then this article aims to give you an idea as to what online resources are available and what they have to offer.

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Satisfactory is an incredible game that is constantly developing, there’s no need for checking out websites and tools if you just want to play the game. That being said if you want to go deep and squeeze the most out of the game, then perhaps you’d like to check out some of the best resources that I have been lucky enough to stumble upon.


1. Youtube 

First and foremost, my go-to is always youtube, there’s a huge wealth of great content creators out there who cover the vast majority of problems I come across in-game.



2. Satisfactory Gamepedia  

The official Satisfactory wiki page is perfect for when I’m looking to grab some quick information for my guides. Even better alongside the wealth of information available, is the selection of tables on various pages explaining basic setups such as how many water extractors are required to run coal power plants or the amount of energy needed to run an oil extractor when overclocked.


3. Satisfactory Tools 

Another great site to check out is Satisfactory tools, it offers a production planner allowing you to pick a recipe you want to produce and choose the amount you want to produce which then generates a flow chart explaining the process. It’s great for planning out your more complex builds.


4. Satisfactory Calculator 

Satisfactory calculator is one of the most popular resources for Satisfactory and rightly so. It has a selection of useful tools allowing you to calculate your production much like satisfactory tools above. There is also a map that gives you the location of all the hard drives and their requirements, as well as resource node locations. The map is also interactive, and it deserves a post on its own. To touch on the basics, it allows you to upload your own save file and see how your factory is laid out on the map, it also gives you  information in regards to your build and points out which hard drives you are missing on the map as well as a whole lot more including allowing you to edit your in-game build, outside of the game.


I’m a firm believer that mods are what will give the game longevity. That’s not to say you should download mods straight off the bat, but once you’re tired of vanilla, you should definitely go check out There you can download the Satisfactory Mod Manager and get some great mods loaded into your game, or perhaps start a new modded playthrough to tie you over until the next update!



6. Twitch

So, this isn’t the best place to go for information but it’s a great way to get in contact with other players who can help you out and is also a great way to get inspired by other people’s builds.

Although I should mention Coffee Stain Studios do stream on a Tuesday which in contrast is probably the best place for updates on the state of the game, with the exception of twitter and youtube. You should join us all as we send Jayce and Snutt our most budding questions!


7. Satisfactory News

If you're looking for news updates for Satisfactory and some awesome articles about the community and the game, then definitely checkout satisfactorynews the website has a selection of great information for all and well worth checking out when you get a free moment. 


8. Satisfactory Community on Facebook 

Surprisingly there are some really active Satisfactory groups on facebook. You can see me on this community page quite often, in each group I’ve found very helpful players who are happy to help you with any problems that you have, there are also regular media posts to give you inspiration or point you into the right direction for a guide. If you’re mad about Satisfactory, it’s worth checking out!


9. Official Satisfactory Reddit 

You can find some exceptional guides and information on the Official Satisfactory Reddit. I always find myself dropping by and checking it out from time to time. My only problem – and part of the reason why we set up this website was due to how difficult it was to find information without searching for the exact tags. Regardless it’s definitely worth looking up when you get a free moment! You’ll find inspiration, memes interesting ideas, and the odd, very useful guide.


10. Satisfactory Discords 

Do you want to be part of an active community of players? Well look no further than discord,  I’ll mention there are many great discord servers out there for Satisfactory, whether that’s individual mod servers, content creator servers or community groups, unfortunately it would be impossible to list all of them so instead I will leave you with these two great servers that are definitely worth checking out:

The official Satisfactory discord and for anything modded, the Satisfactory modding community.


11. Steam

Our final tool and one that is most certainly under looked by myself is the Steam community page. Here you’ll find a surprising amount of information, both official updates from the devs as well as guides and player screenshots. Certainly worth a moment of your time if you’re free. To find the community page, go over to steam head to the community tab, and search for the Satisfactory game page.

We’re very proud to have launched this website and hope you have found the guide both helpful and enjoyable. We look forward to updating the site weekly with new guides and layouts.

If you have a particular layout or guide you’d be interested in sharing with the community, we’d gladly give you the chance to be an author on our site, get in touch with us.