How to Setup Modular Power Generators for Refined Power

How to Setup Modular Power Generators for Refined Power


Refined Power Mod gives us a huge amount of stuff to play around with, here I breakdown how to generate power using the modular system.

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How to setup Modular Power.

Refined Power Modular Setup.


For the Refined Power Modular Setup you will need to use a variety of buildings from both vanilla and the mod, these are:

You also need a CO2 chimney and a Steam Tower to get rid of the excessive material (CO2 and Low-Pressure Steam (LP Steam). Both must be placed on a “Cooling platform”.

NOTE: All numbers are in the google sheet at the end of this article.


Water Extractor

The water extractors are part of the vanilla game and are required for the modular power setup, to bring the water to the boiler via pipes which will later be heated up using the heater to generate steam. 




“Heaters” are used to generate heat and must be placed on a “Boiler platform” -> heat will transform the water in the boiler (that is placed above the heater) into High-Pressure-Steam (HP Steam). There are 4 different kinds of Heaters:

The Biofuel, Coal and Solution Heaters also produce CO2, which you must get remove from your system to keep the heater running.

There are 2 different ways to do this:

1. You can use the CO2 gas to produce CO2 dust in a refinery.

2. Use a CO2 chimney and pollute the environment!




There are 2 different types of “Boilers”. The MK1 and the MK2. The MK2 one is just a better version of the first and can produce more steam per minute!

As mentioned above: you must place the Boiler above the Heater (makes sense, right?) and you must input the water into it.

The Boilers transform water into HP Steam, that can be outputted with pipes and must go into a turbine.




There are also 2 different types of “Turbines”. The MK1 and the MK2. With the MK1, you are only able to power a LW generator. The MK2 one can support a MW and a HW generator but uses more HP Steam and produces more LP Steam.

A Turbine transforms HP Steam into RPM and LP Steam. LP Steam is just a leftover product, that must go away. As with the CO2 gas, you can convert it into water in a refinery or use a Steam-Tower to pollute the environment even more!

RPM (Rotations per minute) are used in the generator (which must be placed right in front of the turbine) to produce power.




As mentioned above: The generator must be placed in front of a turbine on the “converter-platform”.

There are 3 different types: The LW generator (produces 175MW of power), the MW generator (produces 300MW of power) and the HW generator (produces 500MW of power).

The RPM must be in a “green area” to let the generator produce power.

The “green areas” are:

2300-2600RPM for the LW generator

3100-3300RPM for the MW generator

4000-5000RPM for the HW generator


Here are the exact numbers for the entire mod:



All platforms:

Boiler platform – Heater and above a Boiler (Fuel into the Heater and Water into the Boiler)

Converter platform – Turbine and behind a Generator (input HP steam into the turbine)

Cooling platform – CO2 Chimney and Steam Tower are placed on it.

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