The Best Satisfactory Mods

The Best Satisfactory Mods

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So you want to try mods in Satisfactory but don't know where to start, well I've played with a few and though it's still early days, there are already a lot of great mods to choose from, according to your play-style I hope to help you pick the right one.

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Firstly I need to point out that I have not demo'd every mod that's currently available and I can only speak from my own personal experience, that being said over the last few months I have tried out a couple of dozen mods. Some mods stand out to me as a content creator, and others add to the playability of the game, whilst some are geared towards being decorational or Quality of Life. These four groups are the ones that I will focus on in this article and do note that I intend to return to this guide throughout the life of the game.

Also do note that if I've missed out a mod a particular mod, that doesn't mean it's a bad mod, these are just my personal favourites.

If you're dying to start using mods in Satisfactory but don't know how, why not check my guide on installing the SMM.




Mods for Playability

When I say playability, I mean that the following mods can add more things to play around with whether that's new items, buildings or manufacturing lines, or some that can vastly change the way you play.


Refined Power



Refined Power is one of the most in-depth mods I've had the chance to use so far in Satisfactory and is the most downloaded Satisfactory Mod to date. The team started out with adding green power solutions and automated biomass burners, but things quickly grew to include particle energy sources like the arc reactor adding new products to play around with including, carbon dust, photovoltaic cells for solar power, refined E65 and coolant adding more depth to the mod. That being said the team is constantly working on their mods and have recently released a modular power option, allowing you to build a totally custom power plant that's easily upgradable. 

If that appeals to you, why not check out my recent review.


Farming Mod



Similarly to the above, the Farming Mod is from the same developers and was one of the early mods in-game adding the ability to farm items and automating doggo item collection. The mod itself resolves a few quality of life issues as well as adding farming and baking to the game along with some new items as well. I should mention that the team is currently working on overhauling this mod, but it's worth checking out nonetheless. 





I am a huge believer that Logic gates and signalling will vastly improve the playability of this game, unfortunately, this isn't currently available in vanilla, however, Panakotta has done some amazing work on Ficsit networks. If you know Lua coding or have the patience to learn it, this will give you a huge amount of customizability in-game. If adding logic gates wasn't enough, Panakotta is also taking a lot of time to develop the mod further, he recently adding multiplayer support and he is working on a visual coding functionality for people who struggle with coding like myself. I can't wait to get my hands on the next update!  



Honourable mention:


PUREX Reprocessing (beta)

Though I can't personally speak for Purex Reprocessing as I haven't yet tried it out, a lot of people have encouraged me to give it a go. The Purex mod is closely inspired by PUREX reprocessing  (Plutonium Uranium Reduction Extraction) To allow for waste-free nuclear power. The mod itself adds more production lines to the game whilst making use of late-game assets. By the sounds of it, it's worth checking out.



Mods for Decoration

The following mods are perfect if you want to add more decoration to your factory, I'll admit there are many more to choose from, but here are a selection of mods that I frequently use, to add a little zest to my playthroughs. 


Moar Factory



At the top of any decorations mod list for Satisfactory, you'll no doubt find Moar Factory. This mod adds a huge selection of objects to play around with, from extra foundation pieces, walls and doors to unique factory objects such as cranes and chimneys - You'll even find a Volkswagen! There is one downside to this mod however, there is a bug which occurs when you point the colour gun at a Moar Factory door which crashes the game. It's a minor bug which if you're aware of it, can be avoided, but certainly worth noting.




The Decoration Mod is fantastic if you want to add some nature back into your factories. The mod takes in-game assets such as trees, rocks and plants and makes them placeable in-game. I highly recommend partnering this with the Micro Manage Mod below. 


Micro Manage



Though this mod doesn't add new assets to work with, the Micro Manage Mod is certainly a necessity, it is still being developed with regular updates but allows you to select a given item, and then adjust its placement, allowing you to make the most minute of positional changes or even change the size and orientation of a given asset. Well worth a download.

Light It Up



Everyone wants light in-game and rightly so, the devs are working on solutions to this problem but if you can't wait for a vanilla solution then definitely check out the Light It Up Mod. This mod gives you a selection of lights to play around with that can use fuel sources or power to brighten up the darkest of factories. Although lights are intensive on the game so I would recommend going overboard with the lights. 


Quality Of Life 

Quality of life mods don't necessarily add more playability to the game, (although they often do) but instead, tend to improve the quality of the vanilla experience. If you want to lightly mod the game then I recommend checking the following. 


Dispenser Mod

& Hopper Mod



The Dispenser and Hopper Mod are well worth checking out, they add a dispenser and hopper in-game, allowing us to drop off or collect a group of items in one click rather than sifting through our containers. This certainly helps with organisation and makes searching for items much easier. Well worth checking out. 

Fluid Extra



Fluid Extra boasts a selection of new pipe junctions to use as well as a fluid packaging plant. The building looks great and has some incredible detail on the animations making it feel like part of the game. What makes this so beneficial is that it hugely reduces the space and power requirements to set up a packaging plant, by removing the need for refineries. If you're looking at hauling packaged fluids around your factory, look into this.  


Utility Signs



I'm a big fan of Utility Signs, you can see me using this in my 5x5 Challenge. The developers have mentioned that they are planning on implementing signs, but until then, any sign mod will do, but my go-to is Utility Signs, clean and simple. What more could you want? 


Passive Mode



I am surprised at how much people dislike the combat system in-game, I am inclined to agree that it's not necessary and definitely feel it needs to be fleshed out more before it feels like part of the game. I am also fully aware that a lot of people are terrified of the spiders (myself included) and some just want them out of the game. In that case, check out passive mode, it gets rid of all hostile creatures and also the toxic clouds from plants and rocks. If you want to play in peace. You need this.


Efficiency Checker



This is one of the newest mods available and took me completely by surprise. The Efficiency Checker Mod allows you to instantly check the throughput and capacity of your conveyor bus or pipe to tell you if you're running the factory line efficiently, it's surprisingly useful and the developer has plans for adding more to this mod. If you want to ensure you're running a factory efficiently, then you'll want to pick this up.



Mods For Content Creators

These mods are particularly aimed at Content Creators to help them produce factories quickly or provide extra tools that can really give your photos or videos the edge. Yes non-content creators will find these tools useful as well, but they can be quite "cheaty" so I would recommend them if you're doing a normal playthrough. 


PAK Utility Mod



Pak Utility is probably my number one mod for when it comes to producing videos. The mod firstly gives me the ability to fly and change speed accordingly (although an extra slow flight speed would be a great addition!) That's not all, it adds a creative style mode, allows you to unlock all technologies in-game and can gift you resource as per your requirement. If you're making guides, grab this. 


Area Actions



Okay, so I don't use Area Actions because I'm a simple soul who doesn't understand how to use it. That being said you can find some great guides to it online as well as on here (coming soon) With this mod you can bulk place structures, fly and micro manage structure placement. It's a bit like if PAK Utility and Micro Manage had a baby together. If you're interested in using this definitely check out Samueras and BrainDG's videos and livestreams. 


Green Screens



So I haven't covered this mod in a video, maybe I should... It's one of the few mods like Pak Utility, that are permanently saved on my game. With this mod I can place down green screen walls and foundations allowing me to focus on a single given item in-game. Great for youtube thumbnails.  





Our last mod covered is Permaday, this can help make videos with day time lapses, but more often than not, I use this mod for changing the time of day to give the videos a given feel to them. 
Whether you're taking a photo and want the best light, or need a clip with the sunset in the background, this is well worth checking out. 

So there you are guys, my personal favourite Mods currently available in Satisfactory that I've had the opportunity to try out! I'm well aware there are many other great mods out there, the chances are I just haven't had a free moment to try them out yet! Subsequently, we'll do an update to the best mods every now and then!  

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