Nobelisk Super-Efficient Build Layout

Nobelisk Super-Efficient Build Layout

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Nobelisk is a necessary tool in-game, used to remove plants, rocks and unfortunate guests. This layout guide shows you how to produce 12 Nobelisk per minute using the vanilla recipe within a clean and efficient factory.

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For our Nobelisk factory layout, you will need the following resources:

We will also require resources to construct:


Note that in the screenshots you will see several coloured squares on the grid. These resemble various resources, in column one we have pale yellow for sulphur, and in column seven we have two foundations, one black and one red for iron ore and coal. We will also be using the manifold system, so if you have concerns as to the efficiency do check the associated video.

Video Guide:
Nobelisk Super-Efficient Build Guide



Part 1 - Foundry Placement


To start off place a foundry in the centre of the second row of the sixth column. Afterwards, place three more foundries to the left spanning the second, third, fourth and fifth columns.



We will now place a sloped double manifold. To do this place a manifold along the ground floor in the centre of the first row for the first inputs and then a second one, placed a single line above the splitters for the secondary foundry inputs. With it just being a single splitter above, we should be able to place conveyors that slope directly into the foundries. Both the coal and iron ore lines should be using Mk3 conveyors.



Once done, set all foundries to steel ingots, we will now run a merging line on the output side of the foundries. This line should flow along to the right and finish heading up the far side of the last column.



Part 2 - Black Powder Assemblers


At this point, we will need to place eight assemblers for the black powder. I’ve placed these in opposing pairs. The first pair is placed spanning the fourth and fifth row facing outwards along the edges of the fourth column. This is where the manifold will be placed. The second pair is placed across the sixth row, the third pair spanning the seventh and eighth row and the fourth pair in the ninth row.

In between the assemblers, we will run a manifold line with elevators. Place the first manifold along the ground floor feeding the assemblers, the second manifold line will be stacked three splitters high and use elevators to split the resources to the assemblers.
We will then run the coal line from the foundry around to the assemblers. Ensure this is a Mk1 conveyor to limit this section to receiving no more than 60 coal per minute. Then bring the sulphur up from the first column and feed it to the remaining manifold. Set all eight assemblers to black powder.

Next, run two merging lines up from the bottom of each column of assemblers and merge them together in the tenth row of the seventh column. Notice how I use elevators to merge the line together – the merger should be facing the right of the grid.



Part 3 -Steel Pipe Constructors 


Spanning the cross-sections of the first and second column, of the eleventh and twelfth row we shall place the first of six constructors flowing upwards, we shall then place five more to the right of this.

Then place a splitting manifold along the front of the constructor inputs flowing to the left. We will then connect this manifold with the steel ingots that have been left against the far right-hand side of the grid. Set these all to steel pipes. On the output side, we will run a merging line to the left of the grid.




Part 4 - Nobelisk Assembler 


We are now ready to place the four Assemblers. Place these facing upwards from the front of the fourteenth row in the second column, then spanning the third and fourth column, the fifth column and finally spanning the sixth and seventh column.

We shall now run a manifold into the assemblers along the ground flowing to the right of the grid, this will be fed by the steel pipe constructors merging line we just placed. These splitters should be placed so that they are against the constructors’ mergers.

Above this manifold, we will place another manifold flowing to the left of the layout sloping down into the assemblers, similar to how we placed the manifold for the foundries at the start. This manifold line should be fed by the black powder that we merged in the tenth row of the seventh column.

Next set the four assemblers to Nobelisk and merge them together and send off to a storage unit.


Once done you will have completed this super-efficient build guide to help you produce 12 Nobelisk per minute.

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