Crude Oil to Fuel Super-Efficient Build Guide

Crude Oil to Fuel Super-Efficient Build Guide

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This layout aims to produce fuel from crude oil efficiently, following the super-efficient build guide series. This guide will have screenshots along with a link to the associated video.

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Video Guide:
Fuel Super-Efficient Build Guide



Part 1 - Refinery Placement

First, we shall place the five refineries along the 23 x 7 Grid. We shall place these against the bottom right of the grid, starting from the 23rd column. In order to get the correct placement, place the first refinery flush against the edge of the last column, and ensure that there is enough room for a pipe joint in front of the refinery. 

Once you've placed the five refineries, place pipe joints in front of each of the refinery intakes. 

You will now connect the crude oil pipeline to these pipe joints and the refineries. 



Part 2 - First Generator Placement 

We shall now place our first three fuel generators, they should have their inputs in front of the refineries and should be placed starting against the last edge of the grid along the top of the fourth row.



Part 3 - Placing the Mergers & Pipelines

Next, you will want to place pipeline joints in front of the generators in the middle of the fourth row. Connect the generators and the refineries to the pipeline joints, note that you will need a separate pipeline joint in front of the second, fourth, and fifth refinery then connect these pipelines together.




Above this pipeline, place a merging line in the centre of the fourth column in front of the refineries, these should be stacked three high and connected with elevators so that we can lift the resin above the pipelines. You can then delete the two mergers beneath the line. The mergers should be flowing to the left, ensure that this is merging line is using a MK3 conveyor as at full capacity we will be running 150 resin along the line.



Part 4 - The Last Generators

Next, we need to place the last generators, against the top three generators, place five more generators along the same line. Opposite this line and inline, we will place a further six fuel generators running along the front of the fourth column. Next place pipeline joints in front of the inputs and run the pipeline from the refinery section all the way through to the last generator.

With the generators, all in place, select one generator and underclock it to 33% at this point all your generators should be hooked up to the pipeline.



Part 5 - Sinking the Resin 

Our final job is to place an awesome sink opposite the last generator, to get the same placement as me you will want to place a merger stacked three high above the pipeline in front of the last generator. Now grab the awesome sink and place it three places away from the merger, you should now be able to hook an elevator to the awesome sink. Finally, place stackable conveyor poles above the centre pipeline and connect the resin merging line to the awesome sink.



 With that done you’ve completed this layout, do note that you can use the resin for other options rather than just sinking it but we’ll be talking about resin at a later date.



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