Clean and Compact Constructor Layout

Clean and Compact Constructor Layout

Epic Steam EA EX  Beginner  Square  Manifold  25 foundations

This layout will show you how I build my compact constructor floors in the 5x5 challenge. Giving you the know-how to produce your own clean, compact factories that still give you the freedom to walk between.

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Clean and Compact Constructor Build [Satisfactory Guide]



Part 1 - Constructor Placement

The first thing that we shall do is place glass foundations on the top of the first wall, along the two sides. After we shall place our eight constructors. The constructors should be placed in two lines of four so that each constructor bridges two rows of foundations. The first four constructors will be placed with their inputs against the glass foundations facing the centre of the build, and the second line of constructors will be placed opposite with their inputs facing the inside of the build.



Part 2 - Merger & Splitter Placement

Next, we shall place the merging line, for this place four mergers flowing in the same direction in front of the constructor’s outputs. Please note that the front and back end of the 5x5 grid has my input and output walls.

Once the mergers are placed you will want to place the splitters. The first splitter will be directly in front of the conveyor wall at the front of the build flowing forwards. We shall then place a splitter flowing forwards in front of each of the constructor’s inputs. I will also mention that I have chosen to place the splitters flush against the outer wall, this however is a personal choice and not necessary.



Part 3 - Connecting Conveyors and Walkway Prep

Now that we have placed the mergers and splitters, connect them to the constructors and their said inputs and outputs.

We shall now place walkways along the top and bottom of the layout. These will be placed between the walls and the constructors. I use a single railing walkway on the sections that are flush against the constructors however, in the centre I use a flat walkway. To place this middle walkway place a foundation on the outside of the grid in the 3rd column. From here you will be able to place a walkway in the middle of the first row in the third column. At this point delete the outside foundation.



Part 4 - Walkways and Power

We shall now use double barrier walkways along the centre of the build from one end to the other and also place single barrier walkways over the glass foundations against the constructors. I also place flat walkways in the corner to give this clean framed look.

Finally, we shall place wall power joints against each of the top walls, each in line, with the corresponding constructor power joint. These should then all be connected together in your desired format.


Once done, you will have completed the guide which should leave you with a finished result similar to this giving you a clean and compact build that is easy to traverse.



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