Automated Wiring Factory Layout

Automated Wiring Factory Layout

EA  Beginner  Rectangle  Manifold  132 foundations

The goal of this factory is to produce 10 smart wiring with an easy to setup and run layout.

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This factory layout will require the following:

With enough resources to build:

This will be built on an eleven deep by twelve wide grid and once running will cost 233.1 Mw to run.



Part 1. Smelter & Foundry Placement

To begin, place a smelter in the center of each column starting with the second over to the ninth column and at the edge of the second row.  Each smelter will be set to Copper and run at 100% efficiency.

 In the center of columns numbered ten and eleven and in line with the prior smelters, place a foundry which will be set to Steel at 100% efficiency.


Part 2. Wire and Steel Pipe Constructors.

Next, to place the constructors that will make Wire and Steel Pipes.  Begin by placing a constructor on the edge of the fourth row and in the center of the second column.  Next, place constructors directly to the right of the first, going til the last column.  Then, for the rest of the wire constructors, place one at the edge of the sixth row direcely infront of the first row of construcotrs.  Afterwards, place constructors going to the right until the ninth column.  The constructors that lie in the columns of the smelters should be set to Wire at 100% efficiency, and the two constructors that lie in front of the foundry should be set to Steel Pipes 15/min.



Part 3. Assembler Placement.

Next is to place the assemblers for the Stators and the key item of this build, Automated Wiring. First, place an assembler against the top of the top row, facing to the left of the build in the eighth and ninth column, then place a second assembler beneath this. These should be set to Stators at 100% efficiency.  Next, place an assembler at the start of the second column, spanning the top two rows, then place an additional three assemblers to the right of the first assembler.  These four assemblers should be set to Automated Wiring at 100% to produce the goal of 10 Automated Wiring/min.



Part 4. Logistics

At this point we will begin hooking up the smelters to the first row of Wire constructors and the foundry to the Steel Pipe constructors.  To begin, place a merger line two mergers high and two steps in front of the first, third, fifth, and seventh smelters, then connect them with a conveyor lift.  Next, place a splitter along the same line as the mergers in front of the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth smelters on the ground.  These should be connected to the smelters they’re in front of and the constructors directly in front of and directly to the left.  Lastly for this step, place a splitter directly in front of the foundry which will link it up to the Steel Pipe constructors.



The next step will be connecting the Steel Pipe conveyors to the Stator assemblers and the initial Wire mergers.  First, place a merger directly in front of the tenth constructor on the first row and connect both the ninth and tenth constructor to it.  Next, place a splitter across from the furthest input of the first Stator assembler, then run a conveyor from the Steel Pipe merger to said splitter.  Afterwards, connect the splitter to the right input of both Stator assemblers as we’ll be using the left inputs for the Wire.  Next we’ll be working on the mergers for the first row of Wire constructors.  To begin, place a merging line going from right to left, starting with the sixth constructor to the first.  Then, place a merger facing the right of the build in front of the eighth constructor, the seventh constructor should also be connected to this merger.



Part 5. Cable Constructor Placement

Here, we’ll be setting up the last of the Wire inputs as well as some of the Cable inputs.  First, let’s begin by placing the constructors starting at the edge of the eighth row and in the center of the second column down to the eighth column, these should be set to Cables and they should all be set to 100% efficiency except for the last one which will be set to 20 Cables/min.  Next we’ll connect the last of the smelters to the second row of Wire constructors.  To start this, place splitters two high on each of the mergers from the first row of constructors flowing to the right, connect these splitters to each other and to the second row of constructors via a conveyor lift.  Next, connect the merger from the smelters to the first splitter to bring the remaining Copper Ingots.  Now we shall start bringing some of the Wire into the Cable constructors.  Start by placing a merger two steps in front of the first, third, fifth, and seventh constructors and a splitter two steps in front of the eighth constructor.  Next, place a merger diagonally to the right of the splitter and one more to the right of the newly placed merger, two of the splitters’ outputs will be going into the merger to the right and the last one will go to the merger to its left.  Now begin merging Wire constructors as shown in the picture below and connect the seventh and eighth Wire constructor from the first row to the merger on the farthest right.



Part 6. Logistics Pt 2.

There are just a few more things to do before the factory’s done, here we’ll be finishing the connections for the Stator assemblers and the last Cable constructors inputs.  Let’s start by finishing the conveyor logistics from the Wire to the Stators.  To begin, place a splitter two steps to the right and two steps high, infront of the remaining Stator assembler inputs flowing to the top of the build and connect them with a conveyor lift.  In addition, place a conveyor lift down for the input of the splitter so we can connect the merger pulling in Wire.  Next, place a merger in front of the lower assembler flowing down and connect both assemblers up.  Then, place splitters in the middle of the tenth row aligned with the right inputs for the four Automated Wiring assemblers and flowing to the left.  Lastly for this step, place splitters two steps away and two high from the second, fourth, and sixth Cable constructors flowing to the right and connect them with conveyors and conveyor lifts.  To finish this step, you’ll need to bring the Wire conveyor from the first row up to connect with the splitters.



Here we are at the final step for this efficient layout guide, connecting the Cable constructors up to the Automated Wiring assemblers.  Start by adding a merging line flowing to the left starting two steps and two high in front of each constructor before connecting them with conveyor lifts.  Next place splitters two steps from the left inputs for the assemblers and two high flowing right and connect them with conveyor lifts.  Finally, connect the mergers flowing left and connect the one on the far left with the splitter in front of it, and connect the splitters flowing to the right.  With that, you should be producing 10 Automated Wiring/min to which you can merge the outputs to go off to a storage area or a future factory layout.



Here we have the finished layout:

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