Aluminum / Aluminium Alclad Sheets - 100% Efficient build layout

Aluminum / Aluminium Alclad Sheets - 100% Efficient build layout

 Mixed  140 foundations

Aluminum has been updated for U4 which means we need to renovate our factories to better suit the new recipes. This build will show you how to produce 300 alclad aluminum sheets per minute and is part of our super-efficient build guide series.

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This Satisfactory build guide has been produced to help you understand how to run an aluminum alclad sheet production line, whilst tackling the difficulty of aluminum in Satisfactory update 4. This guide will include a video, as well as photos to help break down the build for you. 

Video Guide associated:
Satisfactory Game | Aluminum Production 100% Efficient 



For this build we'll be working with only Raw materials, this should make the guide easily accessible to anyone with access to the aluminum tier. 
For this you will need the following resources:

You will also need resources for the following buildings:

Note that this will cost less than 430Mw to run once fully setup. For this demonstration I’m using a 10 by 14 grid.
You can also see from the top down view where the various resources are being brought in from.
We have coal in the black square, bauxite in rusty red, copper on the light turquoise and raw quartz from the pink square.

Part 1 - Refineries

First we will place the three alumina solution refineries in the bottom left of the build. These will be fed by the bauxite using a manifold system as well as a single water extractor. I have overclocked the water extractor to 250% initially. Due to the nature of this build we will recycle some of the water, so that once the build is running we shall reduce this overclock to 125%. If you do not have 3 power shards available you can easilly buffer all the water in a single fluid buffer first before turning on the factory. 
It is important to note that you should use a valve just before the water from the extractor arrives at the manifold for the refineries. This will stop backflow. We shall talk about this setup a little further in detail at the end of this section, along with accompanying images. 
At this point one of the three refineries should be set to 50% clockspeed. 


On the output side the 125 silica will be sent to the right of the grid, whereas the 300 alumina solution will be sent to the left. At this point we shall place two more refineies on the left of the grid facing to the right. 


These two refineries will be set to Aluminium Scrap and should be fed by the 300 alumina solution and 150 coal. One of these refineries should be underclocked to 25% although should you wish, you can underclock both to 62.5%.

On the output side we will run the 450 aluminum scrap above the silica conveyor line across to the right. Make sure any conveyor lines that hold about 270 items are Mk4 belts, that should be the aluminum scrap line, the aluminium ingot line and the aluminium alclad sheet line. 


For the water output you will notice that we are outputting 150 water per minute. We shall now connect this with the original water pipeline, creating a loop. This will allow us once the factory is running to input only 150 water per minute from the water extractor. *See Correction below.
To do this, run the outputted water into the water input line of the first refineries. Again you will need to place a valve to stop water backflowing to the output line.

*Correction: You should not reduce the water extractor to 150. Keep it running at 300 as we will need a total of 450 water per minute in this section, thankfully the logistics are in place to cater for this. 

I will attach an image but your water pipe should be similar to this:
Water Extractor > Valve > Refinery Manifold < Valve < Aluminium Scrap Refinery Output.



Part 2 - Aluminium Ingots

Next, we need to produce 125 more silica. To do this we will place 4 constructors *see correction in the bottom of the build these will turn raw quartz to silica. Note that one of these constructors should be underclocked to 33.33% The silica line will all merge together along with the silica from the refineries and run alongside or in this case(under) the aluminium scrap line to a manifold for fiver foundries.

*Correction: The number of constructors are incorrect. You need to produce 250 more silica - I've no idea how I calculated this wrong. But for this you will need 7 constructors with one under clocked to 67%. Still requiring 150 Raw Quartz.


I’ve placed these 5 foundries on the top right hand corner of the build facing the left.  We will run a manifold into these 5 foundries where we will produce aluminium ingots at 100% efficiency.



Part 3 - Aluminum Alclad Sheets

At this point we need to produce 100 copper ingots pers minute. For this we will place 4 smelters. I’ve done this in the centre of the build They will be set to copper ingots with one of the four smelters being set to 33.33% clockspeed. The smelters will merge and run the copper ingots along the top of the aluminium ingot line into a manifold of 10 assemblers. 

The ten assemblers have been placed at the top of the build with five assemblers on either side. Along the output side these 10 will merge together with a Mk 4 line to transport the 300 aluminum alclad sheets to their end location. 


We’re very proud to have launched this website and hope you have found the guide both helpful and enjoyable. We look forward to updating the site weekly with new guides and layouts.

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