24 Tips of Christmas

24 Tips of Christmas

Leading up to Christmas, I hosted 24 days of Satisfactory tips. In light of the New Year, here you will find a guide covering each of the tips we discussed over the past month.

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Leading up to Christmas, I hosted 24 days of Satisfactory tips. In light of the New Year, here you will find a guide covering each of the tips we discussed over the past month.


Tip 1) Tight Clean Corners.

Creating 90-degree corners for your builds is a great way to make your factories look clean and tidy. In order to easily create 90-degree corners you can do the two-by-two rule, place a conveyor belt stand two places in front and then two to the side of a given belt, this should give you a clean right angle corner. This can be done with pipes as well. Alternatively, you can use the mouse wheel.



Tip 2) Foundations are the Foundation.

Unless you’re attempting a challenge, build everything on foundations, they make life so much easier. This is because buildings snap to the foundation’s given grid.

Tip 3) Bouncepad Hypertube Cannons.

Hypertube cannons are both cool and great fun, but also power intensive, by placing a jump pad angled into a hypertube cannon you can actually increase the performance considerably allowing you to reduce power consumption by removing hypertube entrances.


Tip 4) D-Ramps Are Saviours

D-ramps are great because they allow us to place a foundation in implaceable areas helping you to build in sticky situations, if you want to cover an area with a flat foundation but the location is implacable, you can also place two D-ramps in opposing positions on the same square in order to produce a flat foundation. (note D-ramps are bought with coupons in the awesome shop)

Tip 5) Creating Compact Lines.

Currently the stackable and supports are all in two meter increments, this means, if you wish, you can make tighter lines by placing the conveyors on a 1m high foundation first, then deleting the foundation and placing another support underneath.


Tip 6) Fluid Overflow Pipes.

You can create fluid overflow pipes using upside down U’s in a pipe system and then using the fluids in a manufacturing line prior, any excess fluids will then overflow in the upside down U pipe to another location.


Tip 7) Priority Overflow Pipes.

From the above system we can create a priority overflow system by using valves prior allowing us to perfectly balance the lines and then excess can be pushed into other lines.


Tip 8) Straighter Train Lines.

If you want straight tracks place the two bracing rails between a corner first, then connect it with corners and curves for easy rails. This allows you to have straight lines leading in and out of curves.



Tip 9) Planning Makes Perfect.

For larger builds, plan in advanced by using a notepad and pen to help plan out your lines. Knowing exactly how many of what you need and where, can greatly help the efficacy of your building.


Tip 10) Name Of The Game Build, Delete, Ficsit, Repeat.

Never be scared to delete something you’ve built. Each time. We can strive to improve on something. Also with the construction tool (F) open multi delete by going over the items by holding down or click CTRL on them.


Tip 11) Timing Hard Drive Unlocks.

Hard drive unlocks scale with tech so if you want steel screws or stitched iron plate, don’t wait until you reach oil to start Hard drive hunting. Think about what alternate recipes you want and research hard drives earlier for them, rather than later.


Tip 12) Challenge Yourself.

Feeling bored? If you feel the game is getting stale and want to spice it up try out a challenge like the 5x5 or the horizontal challenge. – Equally, we plan on holding monthly events, if you are bored why not join us  on Twitch for our live events where you can take part in some mini games and win some vouchers!


Tip 13) Sweep Manifolds Out Of Sight.

Clean up your manifolds by placing them above or below your factory level and using elevators to feed them.



Tip 14) Copycats Use Mice.

With the build tool out you can click middle mouse button to copy an object to be placed.


Tip 15) Console Commands

Console commands are activated by first enabling commands by pressing CTRL, Shift and L. Then you need to press the tilde key this may change per keyboard layout but from here you can disable fog with R.fog 0 or use other commands such as stat fps to see how many frames you’re getting.


Tip 16) Boom, Boom, Baby.

Gas plants can be removed with Nobelisk, Same with some rocks. Some rocks can also be removed with a chainsaw when targeting nearby trees with it.


Tip 17) Calculate This.

Pressing N in game gives you a calculator to use, alternatively you can also type in objects from the build menu to build directly from the search bar.


Tip 18) CTRL Is Control.

If building without foundations (I do not recommend) then hold down CTRL to snap builds along the same conveyor lines.


Tip 19) Build Modes

Holding R while placing pipes and hypertubes allows additional build modes.


Tip 20) Collect Everything.

Early game, collect any resources lying around and start researching Caterium, Quartz and Sulfur in the MAM as early as possible to unlock everything – including the map.


Tip 21) Overclock Carefully.

Overclocking exponentially increasing power consumed by constructors. So on the whole, use overclocking to maximise nodes and when it comes to manufacturing lines, just build your factories   bigger.


Tip 22) Survive Falling.

I’m notorious at dying from falls, but if you’re at full health, you wont fall to your death. So always heal to the maximum in precarious situations.


Tip 23) Inventory Shortcuts.

There are a selection of inventory short cut controls you should know. You can double click or shift left click to move whole stacks between inventories. Alternatively, holding CTRL will move all of a given item to the other inventory. You can also right click to split piles in half and you can hold down right click to choose the ratio the stack splits into.


Tip 24) Jump Pad Traps.

Jump pads are useful but they’re also a whole lot more fun. Force hogs into jump pads for a laugh or why not see if Rudolph really fly’s as well as we are all led to believe.



We’re very proud to have launched this website and hope you have found the guide both helpful and enjoyable. We look forward to updating the site weekly with new guides and layouts.

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