Hosting a game of Satisfactory

Hosting a game of Satisfactory

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How to set up and host a session online to play Satisfactory in Multiplayer-Mode so you can build a factory with other players.

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Running a Session as the Host to build a factory with other players

Launch Satisfactory and from the main menu choose:

As soon as the ficsit hudOS welcomes you displaying your Playername, the session is online.

As host, some in-game features are only accessible to you, help your clients, and setup configurations they might have trouble with setting. Also let them know, that they should report to you when unusual things in-game occur.

How do Players join the current game?

The version of the game:
To join your session all players will need to have the same version of the game running. This can be checked by comparing the builds version number, it is displayed in the top left corner of the screen when in-game and on the main menu of the game.
Usually, new versions are announced in the launchers. Updates regularly are automatically installed.

Who can join?

Joining by Session-ID:
From the running session as host open the games menu by pressing the escape [Esc] key.
From the menu open Manage Session and then on the right side of the menu you should see three clickable options being displayed:

If you need an easy to remember Session-ID or your clients have trouble joining the game using the Session-ID you should Change Session-ID.
Once changed the game uses that Session-ID, the Session-ID is also saved into the Savegame.

Playing with friends from Epic and Steam:

Go to the menu and invite players listed in the menu. You can only invite players currently online in the launchers and that you have already added as friends in the launchers. Set the session type to how you want it to be:

Only directly invited players can join and have to be reinvited every time they want to join the session.
Players that use the Session-ID to join can always join.

friends only:
Only friends can join the session and rejoin is possible for players that have been in the session once.
You now are hosting Satisfactory.

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