Pipes: Creating Clean Segues from Compact to Under Floor Builds

Pipes: Creating Clean Segues from Compact to Under Floor Builds


Trying hard to have your factory looks as good as possible is part of the fun in Satisfactory for many. This Guide tries to show you how you can use different Methods to get a clean and interesting look to you pipelines. In this case we look at an segue from a compact pipeline to an under floor one.

Samueras 16260 2020-08-22

Before we get started, if you want to see how to build these layouts or want to see even more methods to mix and match, then check 15+ ways to build clean pipeplines here.


Part 1 -

We Start with lowering the floor by one meter, and aligning the outer support sideways on the edge beams of the glass foundation. You can move it two meters in to give it a more rounded look later on.



Part 2 -

Place the support and tilt them fully to the side. The next supports are placed exactly on the edge between glass and quarter pipe. The foot of the supports should be nearly all the way inside the quarter pipe.



Part 3 -

After you placed all supports delete the glass foundations



Part 4 -

Replace the glass on the correct height. We can always build foundations over supports and poles. The same goes for Conveyor poles as well. But we cannot build them over pipes or belts.



Part 5 -

Now we need to place the pipelines going to the supports we just placed. To do that, we delete a foundation in front of the segue. So we can see under the glass foundation to place the pipes. Make sure that you can rebuild the foundation you deleted even after you placed the pipes.



Part 6 -

Now we connect the pipeline supports. We can always build pipelines and belt inside of foundations. and replace the glass foundation



Now we can connect any fanned out pipeline network. So in Order to connect the Compact Pipeline run we need to fan it out.

Part 7 - 

No we build some stackable pipeline supports to the side and in front of the Pipelines. I'm using 2x3 Pipelines in this example. The Support needs to be directly next to the pipes and 4m in front.



Part 8 -

Next we connect the pipes to the supports. You probably need to change the build mode to conveyor 2d to connect the closer ones. The bottom most pipes get connected directly to the underground segue supports.



Part 9 -

Now we delete the Supports and connect the pipes in vertical mode.



Et voila, and segue from Compact to underground. I hope you found this Guide useful. If so, have a look at this website from time to time there are more guides to come.



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