Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.06

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.06

Today we check out Sariaz's epic shell build factory. Check out the showcase or the build itself here.

TotalXclipse 2298 2021-07-16

Welcome back to the sixth episode of Fan Factory Friday. This one was built by Sariaz and showcases a factory built within a shell shape. 

Watch the video spotlight here:
Fan Factory Friday Season 3 Episode 6

You can download the save here:
Sariaz's Save



Sariaz's Notes:

There are blade runners in the hub's storage chest, and, just after walking out of the hub, the factory is around the corner to the left. I call it the steel spiral.

The design of the factory was to satisfy all my steel needs while remaining unobtrusive. Although I don't have the highest tier belts or miners, it is built to be 100% efficient (cross my fingers on my math) once I unlock those. So, if you see unpainted (bright pink) belts and such, that is to mark that they will be replaced once I unlock the last level of belt. I wanted the mechanics of the factory to be quite visible without having to get actually into the thick of the machines. So, the factory is hopefully fairly navigable. Except, that is, for the central pillar. It ended up needing to be more filled than I wanted, and thus has its guts marked as "for maintenance workers only".

There are also a few other factories (starter base, input loop testing site, starter coal plant, initial steel plant, and temporary fuel power plant). But, I see no need to showcase them, unless you want to - given their temporary nature. There are two fun little secrets of the factory.

There a hidden mechanics room with spare parts and a table to rest at. And, here is my good friend Nash who has cheered* me along every step of the way. *Some may confuse cheering for aggressive snarls, but I can assure you that Nash has not harmed a soul You can find the mechanics room: By going in the front door at the bottom of the spiral, turning right, sliding through the surface entrance slit, and then going down the ladder into the floor (just before the first concrete constructors) You can find

Nash: In a tree near the crash site.

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