Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.07

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.07

Today we're checking out Deniability's 5x5 challenge another stunning build well worth checking out, grab the save here.

TotalXclipse 2448 2021-07-16

Welcome back to the seventh episode of Fan Factory Friday. Today we're checking out another 5x5 build this one follows the core ruleset and was built by Deniability. 

Watch the video spotlight here:
Fan Factory Friday Season 3 Episode 7

You can download the save here:
Deniability's Save

Deniability's Notes:

Unfortunately update 4 broke my aluminum plants so my 5x5 tower has a few malfunctions. 

Plausible Towers - My 100% efficient heavy modular frame and turbo rigour motor 5x5 tower setup, complete with storage building and overflow feed into sink, doing 1.2 million points per minute 

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