Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.09

Fan Factory Showcase - Season 3 Ep.09

Today we're returning to Deniability's factory, this time we're checking out his city biome!

TotalXclipse 2908 2021-08-13

Welcome back to the ninth episode of Fan Factory Friday. Today we're checking out Deniability's mod city a beautifully crafted city spread across an entire biome.

Watch the video spotlight here:
Fan Factory Season 3 Ep.09

Download the save here:
Deniability's City Fan Factory Season 3 Ep.09



Note's From Deniability

Mod City - my attempt to convert an entire biome into a city. The plan was to do 20 100% efficent super computer manufacturers, but I ran out of frames just before building the crystal oscilator factory.

There is a 450 per minute alcad sheet plant, also producing silicone circuit boards, and then a 152 per minute high speed manufacturer building, and lots of boosted hypertubes to transport everywhere. This map has no trains because of fps, and i was using modular power with the wind to build more factories, but alas it was not enough. I recommend loading this without refined power, cause it will delete the power buildings, as everything is built into overflow sinks so with everything going at 100% its pretty choppy. But if you load in without modular power nothing will be on and you should be good to look around

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