Beautiful Design, Smart Factory Tour | Satisfactory Game

Beautiful Design, Smart Factory Tour | Satisfactory Game

Check out Samueras' beautifully designed smart factory.

TotalXclipse 6805 2021-11-28

Watch the video spotlight here:
Beautiful Design, Smart Factory Tour | Satisfactory Game

Download the save here:
Samueras' Fan Factory Season 3 Ep.14
Samueras' Mod Profile


Samueras' Notes:

The Main Idea was to have it feel a bit like a modern elektronic factory. So in my Main Factory in the Red forest, I build Clean rooms. Where the different Dirty Products go in, and only on type of item comes out. (Even though I have 2 Items leave for the Space Elevator Parts) I think it makes in interesting clean look, excpecialy with FIN, which allowed me to Control the Flow over the Splitters and Mergers. You should see that I have one Sorting Floor where all the resources come in and get sorted for the floors. That way I made sure that I have never any Items jammed or waiting on the Belts on the Floors. Everything that comes out of a Miner, Smelter, Foundry or is Refinery is declared dirty by me. So basicly everything where the Production Buildings have Smoke Stacks. So I make those Stuff in Satellite factories. I kinda am Proud off my Main Train route. The part where some Post and Foundations crashed, is to make it manta save. What else.... Dunno, maybe the Logo on the Main Building. Or the HuB maybe, not soooo cool. But yeah. It isn't Huge and when you follow the Train and Explorer Lines, you should see everything pretty fast. Oh except the Fuel Plat in the Northern Oil Fields, but I'm sure you will find them.

Oh I the Iron Smelters have a computer to set the underclock on all of them. And the Packaged Fuel Production has one that takes Plastic from the Main line, but only if it need new Empty Canisters to be made. I tried overall some stuff with FIN, not sure how intersting it is to show though. I also have a Control Room, where my Storage is, where I have some Displays, showing my Train Line, and Powerusages, as well as the Items Flowing through the Sorting floor.

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