I've Never Seen A Factory Like This | Satisfactory Factory Tour S3 Ep.11

I've Never Seen A Factory Like This | Satisfactory Factory Tour S3 Ep.11

A factory build that is speechless in so many ways.

TotalXclipse 9548 2021-10-06

Watch the video spotlight here:
Fan Factory Season 3 Ep.11

Download the save here:
Firefless' Fan Factory Season 3 Ep.11


Note's By Firefless


A “few” words to describe my save:





Efficiency checker:

I installed 4 mk1 belts in front of my storage area to see if everything is running ok. As everything is load balanced I can see on this belts if anything is going wrong (gaps at the belt) within a few moments


Load balancing:

Almost everything is load balanced with a few exceptions:


Power Plants:




Awesome sink:

Main goal is to get as much points as possible. So all end items (not possible to process further) like turbomotors are sunk. Calculated value is about 28mio points per minute. Before bying all the statues I was at more than 4000 coupons (screenshot not available at the moment, but I can send it later if you want).

Of course end item changed with U4 that’s why I am aiming for thermal propulsion rockets




Want to go for the maximum of thermal propulsion rockets possible with the resources left on the map (bauxite is the limiting factor). If possible I want to go for 60/min.

Of course finishing the aesthetics when U5 is available.

Stay efficient



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