Get Involved With Our Future Community Events

Get Involved With Our Future Community Events

Do you have some community-focused content that you want to share with the satisfactory community? Or, are you interested in participating in a future Satisfactorytips event to promote and showcase your community? Within this post, you will find all of the information you need to know to contact us and prepare your “segment”.

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Want To Help?


We're currently looking for some awesome people to help out with content in our future events. If you're interested, then see if you fit any of the below needs, and if you don't fit into the needs, feel free to get in contact, we'd still love to hear your ideas!

- 1. Featured Content Hosts
- 2. Mini-Game makers for future events.
- 3. Satisfactory Content Creator short promo videos during our breaks!


Other Opportunities

- 4. Prize pool donations.


1. Featured Segment Hosts


Featured Content is the opportunity to show off your community or stream, if you want to host a segment of the stream (as a community body, or as a content creator) we offer a slot of up to one hour. If you’re interested please get in contact with us

Though this is an opportunity to promote your community we ask that you propose ideas for this segment of the stream that has a focus on involving the viewers. If you wish us to co-host this segment please let us know in advance.

Hosting a featured spot of the stream holds a lot of responsibility and will only be considered if we feel you are sufficiently experienced and prepared. 


Event Requirements:

  1. You will have up to a one hour segment to showcase your community or brand
  2. The segment should be community-focused, with as much interaction and involvement with the stream audience as possible.
  3. Games made should be mindful of the viewer, keep in mind that these should be a good experience for twitch viewers.
  4. Should include at least one 20-minute community game segment
  5. As an extension of our community and brand image, you should follow our values and the stream should be PG oriented



2. Mini-Games


We are always looking for more games to be added to our events, these games should be fun to participate in and more importantly fun to watch. If you’re interested in creating a game for a future event let us know by filling out the form below and be sure to follow the requirements.

Game Requirements:

1. The game rules should be easy to understand.
2. Each game should last no more than half an hour. (Contact us for longer game suggestions)
3. You should build the game with the audience in mind, provide spectating areas for the hosts.
4. Mods can be used for the game, but ensure to inform us prior.
5. Provide an informational for the game. (see example)
6. Again the game must be PG.

(Informational Example)

Mini-Game Parkour 


- 8 players

- Delete your zapper upon arrival in the game.

- Only use inhalers in the spawn area. 

- Pickup the Golden Nut first to win. 

- Do not use the spectating area. 



- The left route with the power pole maze is longer but safer. 

- You can use shortcuts and some areas may have weapons/ items of use to give you an advantage. 


Required Mods 

Developement Profile
Ficsit cam. – Host only”


Mini-Game Submission Form. (Copy, Paste, Fill & Send)




3. Content Creator Promos


Do you produce regular Satisfactory Game content and want to be promoted by us? Whether you’re a streamer, video producer, website owner, or a mod creator for Satisfactory, we have a spot for you. Throughout the stream, we have mini segments available, where we want to hear what awesome content you provide for this amazing community. So get in contact with us today. 

Each spot will be up to a total of 1 minute and 30 seconds, should be PG rated, and show off what you provide. We will check the spotlight over and get back to you if there are any issues.
Remember this spotlight should be showing off the best of you! Give us the best quality you’ve got!



4. Prize Pool Sponsors & Donations

All current prize pools are provided by TotalXclipse and Braindg currently, and all earnings made during the stream will be reinvested into Satisfactorytips Events. We aim to provide clarity on where all funding goes. Though it is not necessary, If you’d like to sponsor the event or provide a donation towards the events prize pool then we recommend getting in touch with us.


5. Contacting Us


The best ways to contact us are either by email:


Or alternatively, you can send a message to me, (Totalxclipse) or Braindg on discord.


We’re very proud to have launched this website and hope you have found the guide both helpful and enjoyable. We look forward to updating the site weekly with new guides and layouts.

If you have a particular layout or guide you’d be interested in sharing with the community, we’d gladly give you the chance to be an author on our site, get in touch with us.