Community Screenshot Competition(3)

Community Screenshot Competition(3)

After having to postpone the January Event, The second event is now coming up! Want to participate in our next screenshot competition and stand a chance to win some steam vouchers? Well here's how!

BraindG 2209 2021-01-29

February Community Screenshot Competition 2021


Hey everyone!

As part of the next Community event on the 13th of February, will be hosting our third screenshot competition, and it's your chance to win some loot!


We also have a huge amount of other things going on for the event, keep an eye out on the website and twitter for more information.





To take part in the competition and have a chance of winning the loot, you need to do the following:







Once the entries have been submitted it will be over to the community to vote on their favourite.






Prize Pool: £50


Meaning the overall winner will receive £20 (2 x £10) Steam Voucher 






Here are some guidelines to help you with the contest



We wish you all the best of luck and are looking forward to seeing the best you have to offer!

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