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Is This The Most Intricately Designed Save

Category: Fan Factory Showcase


Want to checkout Spardicus' Incredible design? Find the save here!

TotalXclipse 10227 2023-01-07

Update 7 Blueprint Start Save

Category: Fan Factory Showcase


If you're looking to start over with blueprints for update 7, you can get the save from here!

TotalXclipse 18465 2023-01-04

All Efficient Satisfactory Turbo Fuel Layouts

Category: Factory Layouts

EA EX  Intermediate, Advanced  Manifold

This guide will breakdown a layout for each Turbo fuel recipe, and show you how to maximize your gains from a single normal crude oil node.

TotalXclipse 39714 2022-11-19

This is a new website dedicated to the Satisfactory game and its community.

We intend to update the site with new guides and factory layouts throughout the life of the game. (Which I hope will be for years to come!) If you wish, you can also feature your own guides and layouts on our website here.

We’re pleased to say that this is the first version of the website and we’re already working on our second update to allow easier self-publishing of articles, as well as creating a specific area for factory save files to be shared - such as those that you see featured in our weekly Fan Factory Friday videos.

Want to know what’s coming soon? Check out what we’re planning on unlocking for our fellow engineers here.

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